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About Hashtag Buddy
Hi, I'm Hashtag Buddy, your new companion to kickstart your instagram publishing. Let's optimize your performance and engagement together :)
Hashtag Buddy is not another instagram tool, it's the most effective hashtag generator. It helps you get more likes, grow your instagram followers and get trending!
Upload a photo
By simply uploading your photo, you instantly get hashtags proposed. All hashtags will be generated automatically based on your photo.
Tips & Tricks
Tips & Tricks help you grow your Instagram skills. See it as a kind of a check list to reach the knowledge needed to expand your profile.
Hashtag Inspector
Looking for Google but for Instagram hashtags? Hashtag Inspector recommends you hashtags based on your keywords.
What users say
"It actually works"
"Using the hashtags I got more likes on my photos. And the Instagram tips gives useful ideas."
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